Company profile

NEPLUVI stands for Association of Dutch Poultry Processing Industries.

The objective of NEPLUVI is to look after and promote the interests of the Dutch poultry processing industry in general and its members in particular. The members of NEPLUVI are specialised in the production, manufacturing and processing of poultrymeat, and (inter)national trade in life and slaughtered poultry.

The secretariat of the association is located in Veenendaal. G.J. Oplaat is the president of NEPLUVI and M. den Hartog is the general secretary. NEPLUVI counts about 57 members which are active in national as well as international domain. The members of NEPLUVI account for a marketshare of over 99% of poultrymeat slaughter in The Netherlands. The poultry processing industry employs more than 10.000 people.

Activities of NEPLUVI relate among others to:

  • veterinary issues (quality assurance, inspection, animal health and welfare);
  • legal issues (legislation, legal advice);
  • social issues (working conditions, pension schemes, education and training);
  • promotion (both of the poultry sector and of the product ‘chicken’);
  • export (market access procedures, support with individual issues, promotion of export);
  • socially responsible enterprise (long-term agreement with regard tot energy efficiency; environment);
  • economical issues (collecting and distributing knowledge of (inter)national markets, price policies, price quotations, WTO, GATT).

In this respect contacts are maintained with the Dutch government, the European Union and organisations in other member states.

The General Assembly meets at least once a year and has the highest power to adopt/pass a resolution. The board members and president are appointed by the general assembly. The executive committee is composed of the president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary.